Top Pages, Start-Ups, and Saas Database... Are you going to miss it?.

In recent weeks, many users ask us where we see Branalyzer in 5 years.

If we are honest, we have no idea. We feel that we are just in the first stages of a great tool. We have a lot of work to do, we have to improve certain features and we have a lot of ideas to implement.

How do you feel about that? Where do you see Branalyze 5 years from now? Please submit your thoughts to

Meanwhile, we keep working hard to fix bugs, add new features and improve documentation.

These are a few of them.

馃憠 We are developing a Start-Ups and SaaS Database. Data includes monthly revenue, churn, customer acquisition cost, traffic, Team Size, company emails, and other important data points. We'll release it soon.

馃憠 We are developing Brand Keywords Ads. Paid keywords that pop up for the queried keyword in paid search results.

馃憠We will improve the brand PDF report to customize the report header and footer by adding a logo and personalized information.

馃憠We have added the Bulk brand comparison so that we can compare at least 100 brands or domains.

 馃憠We have added Top Pages tool.

馃憠We have added Open Domain to the new tab.

馃憠 We have added more than 10.000 new media with backlink prices to our database. We are nearly reaching 100,000 media.

馃憠And remember, if you want to take advantage of the Appsumo LifeTime Deal 馃巵, be careful because once it ends 馃晽馃晽 if you wish to use Branalyzer again, you will have to subscribe to some monthly plans.

If you have the individual plan, it's a good time to upgrade to the Enterprise plan.

Branalyzer Team.