Introduction to Branalyzer Chrome Extension

The Branalyzer Chrome Extension is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly and easily gather relevant information about any brand. With features like company name, location, employees, traffic, SEO data, social media presence, and email leads, it's a valuable resource for anyone looking to optimize their online marketing efforts.

Key Features of the Branalyzer Extension

One of the standout features of the Branalyzer Extension is its speed. It quickly displays the most important information about a brand, so you can get a quick overview without having to spend time digging through multiple tools. If you need to go deeper, you can always use the full Branalyzer tool to get even more detailed data.

Use Cases for the Branalyzer Extension

Here are just a few of the many ways that the Branalyzer Extension can help you get the most out of your online marketing efforts:


  • Keep an eye on the evolution of key metrics for your brand or your competitors
  • Quickly see important data such as organic traffic, keywords, and ad performance
  • Save time compared to using multiple tools like or

Brand Authority

  • Quickly assess the credibility of a company before considering their services
  • See important metrics such as Moz Domain Authority and Majestic Trust Flow
  • Check the number of backlinks pointing to the domain

Monitor Customer Data

  • Track the performance of the brands you work with
  • See the results of your efforts
  • Especially useful for small agencies or freelancers

Online Shopping

  • Get a quick overview of a company's online presence
  • Feel more confident about your purchase
  • Especially helpful for buying from lesser-known brands

Capture Leads

  • Easily find email addresses on the web
  • Build a list of leads or contacts
  • Valuable for expanding your network or generating more sales leads

Monitor Competitors

  • Quickly see important data such as organic traffic, keywords, and social media presence for your competitors
  • Stay one step ahead and adjust your own marketing efforts accordingly
  • Quickly see the number of backlinks pointing to a domain
  • Check the quality of those links
  • Helpful for improving your own search engine rankings or understanding your competition's link building efforts

Compare Domains

  • Easily add domains to your list and compare them side by side
  • Helpful for comparing multiple brands or companies to make informed decisions

Domain Lists

  • Save domains in your favorites or create custom lists for specific purposes
  • Organize your research and keep track of relevant domains


Overall, the Branalyzer Chrome Extension is a valuable tool for anyone looking to optimize their online marketing efforts. It offers a range of features that can save you time and make it easy to gather and analyze key data about any brand. Whether you're a small agency, freelancer, or just looking to make informed decisions about your online purchases, the Branalyzer Extension is definitely worth checking out. It offers many of the same features as tools like or, but with a more streamlined and user-friendly interface.