A few weeks ago, Will Coombe mentioned on his Twitter a plain and straightforward SEO strategy that still works like a charm.

We couldn't agree more and in our case, we are going to replace Semrush with Branalyzer, and using AI we are going to steal organic traffic from one of our competitors following the strategy described by Will.

In summary:

• Type your direct competitor into Branalyzer.
• Look at the keywords they're ranking for & with what pages with Brand Keywords tool.
• Recreate those pages on your site.
• Make your AI content better than theirs.
• Get better links with Brand Backlinks.
• Wait.

At the end of the post, you can find a complete video on how to apply the strategy using Branalyzer.

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We are going to explain through a real case.

In our case, we will try to steal traffic to seodity.com a fantastic SEO tool with a great future.

For more information from Seodity, browse Brand Summary, Brand Seo, and Brand Social in Branalyzer.

*It should be clarified that we use the term steal as a joke, it is a totally legal and effective technique.

* We are going to make basic use of AI for this we will use the Open AI tool.

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Step 1: Analyze the main Keywords.

To do this, access the Brand Keywords section.

The keywords are displayed ordered by traffic.

Step 2: Select one of the keywords for which you are getting qualified traffic.

We are going to select the keyword “unbiased search engine”. It is a good keyword to work on and try to get almost 200 visits per month if we manage to position it in position 4.

If you find it difficult, you can work on some of the suggested keywords such as “google biased search engine”

Step 3: Analyze the competition of the selected Keyword.

To know what we are playing, click on Analyze.

The competition is tough, competing with Ahrefs or Neil Patel is not going to be easy. But if Seodity has done it with an AD-like ours, we can do it.

Step 4: What can we do so that Google notices us and positions us better?

There are many factors to consider when we want to position a keyword, but there are two main ones.

Relevant Content: 

Write relevant content for your readers. Content that their your doubts and, if possible, that is entertaining and fun.

Relevant Backlinks: 

Google needs to know your authority, and one of the best ways is still to get relevant and thematic links.

Here interesting post Scale your Linkbuilding outreach. Build More Links in Less Time.​

Step 5: Write epic content that betters your competition's content using AI.

As we are very curious, we have used AI to write part of the text following these steps and using Open AI tool.

• Write in creative mode 1000 words about an unbiased search engine.

Video: Branalyzer AI - Write in creative mode 1000 words about an unbiased search engine

AI Content: Open AI command

• Write in creative 10 best Unbiased Search Engines and summarize each alternative.

Video: Branalyzer AI - Write in creative 10 best Unbiased Search Engines and summarize each alternative

AI Content: Open AI command

We have only shown a simple example of what AI is capable of. Dedicate time and you can get amazing texts.

For you, we recommend you combine AI-created text plus epic original text.

Step 6: Analyze the Backlinks of the competition and try to replicate and improve them.

To do this, use Brand BacklinksBacklinks Hunter, and Free Hunter.

Contact domain owners to negotiate link purchases or guest posts. The more links from thematic domains you get, the better you will rank.

Create a list of leads and contact them.

You will soon be able to buy links from selected domains from Branalyzer.

Step 7: Try to viralize the created content.

Send it to your subscribers, social networks, and write a compact version in Medium.

Step 8: Update the content.

Regularly update the content if you see that the post is successful.

Step 9: Analyze the evolution. 

Cross your fingers and analyze the evolution. 

Soon you will be able to do it with the Branalyzer Brand Tracker.

Step 10: Replicate.

Replicate this with more keywords from your competition and significantly increase the organic traffic of your domain.

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As you can see, it is not necessary to use very powerful and expensive tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush to improve the SEO of your domains.

Complete video of how to apply improve your positioning using Branalyzer.